Week Eight: Do the right thing

December 11, 2010

Within these famous images from the film do the right thing, the spectator can sum up in one what the film is about. In the first image, is basically the cover for the movie, in this image it shows the bright colors, the radical dressing, the sneakers all of which shows the viewer the style of the 80’s. This is how they dressed around this time, with the vibrant colors and radical dressing it seemed as if everyone stuck to this certain style at the time but added their own touch to it. Also on the cover we as the viewer get a sense of Spike Lees auteurism where it says “spike lee joint” this is tactic that Spike Lee uses to signature his films, so going into a theater we know exactly whose film we going to see and what type of film it would be.  We see other art on the floor where t says bed study, there is a drawing of a cop car and someone shooting a gun. The art in itself tells us about the film, how its based in bed-stuy Brooklyn and it involves crime and the police.  Theres a message on top that says “its the hottest day in the summer’ you can do nothing, you can do somthing,or you can.” I believe this quote is not necessarily talking about the hottest day in the summer even though it was in the film, i believe its speaking upon “hottest” in terms of the tension within the neighborhood. Its posing the question to the viewer, the tension is at its highest of the summer between everyone in the neighborhood, what are you going to do about it? you can do something or you can do nothing… In my opinion the cover is a facet to film that is used to guide the viewers expectation to the film, Spike Lee wants the viewer to go into the film at a certain mind state so that they can fully engage into the film and comprehend his ideology within politics.

The last two pictures that i have posted from Do the right thing in my opinion intertwines with each other the first is with buggin out screaming and the other one is with Radio Raheem with the love, hate name rings.  Buggin out’s image expresses him and every black person within the neighborhood. The black power is a symbol for what he stood for and the screaming in my opinion brought out the rage that the black people had for whats been going on within the community. They were on edge the whole film and it was one thing that was needed to take them all over the type.Radio Raheem’s picture with the love , hate , basically was a symbol of the  feelings that were flowing through the air in bed stuy at the time. There was this either love within the community or there was this hate, there was never this in between emotion upon the people at the time. The whole film in my opinion was based on what emotion was stronger, and which would over power the other. Thats why i believe that radio raheems image was so big, it helped explore the emotion within the neighborhood. These two images with buggin out and radio raheem correlate because they bring the whole movie together in this nut shell. The relations with the black community and its “invaders” and radio raheem posing the question will love over power hate or vice versa, which emotion will win….

Week Eight: Signs, Signs, everywhere signs

December 11, 2010

Week seven: Allen’s star vs celebrity

December 9, 2010

               In this  article Allen goes on to discuss the difference between a star and a celebrity. Throughout our recent times, some many celebrities has gone on to become so popular overnight that the public as gotten star and celebrity misconstrued.  The main difference between the two would be private life in my opinion. An celebrities private life is the generator of his or her stardom. The gossip about their lives keeps them afloat. With a star its a little bit different. They try to keep their private lives out of the spotlight but still remain relevant because of their extraordinary talents. Allen goes on to talk about how all of this gossip and news is stirred by the media and its producers. They go and find people and make them who they feel they should be according to their potential. They put out their what they believe the public wants to see and stir up sontroversy.

                Kim Kardashian as oppose to Beyonce what be a perfect fit as describing celebrity vs star. Kim kardasian is a supreme celebrity, she became this overnight celebrity because of the gossip news about her personal life, her beauty and her reality show. We know about her personal life within her home and he personal relations within her world as for example, with her controversal relationship with reggie bush.

                    Then we have Beyonce who the cameras follow each and every day to try to figure out whats going on within her personal life. She keeps her personal life out the public view and still remains to be the popular talk with people today because of her magnificent talent with singing and music. To sum it all up Kim Kardashian needs her personal life on fron stage to keep her relevant and Beyonce has her talents to keep her astray, this is a clear cut conclusion to what Allen has discussed within his article. The major difference within the two, that sets them apart is private life..

Week six: Thomas Schatz genre

December 9, 2010

                 Thomas Schatz  seems to define genre in many seperate entities or should I say cultural aspects.  He says that films during that time, like films today seem to reflect upon many cultural conflicts. These conflicts may seem redundant but they are dramatic enough to keep us wanting to come see them.  These redundant conflicts may seem as they can get too old and eventually dissappear but now a days our technology has become so advance that we are able to stir the crowd with our technological advances. Now the crowd isnt necessarily coming to see the movie for its story line, now its because of this clear cut sound or breathtaking look.

                        Thinking about the advancement of technology in correlation to what Thomas Schatz is saying it makes me think of the movie Saw. This horror or thriller, we have come to see time and time again. We know the plot and how the story progresses with people being trapped within an environment and is forced to play a game to the death literally. Only the ones who makes the smart decisions with a few sacrifices survive. We know the plot and everything but we still go to see it time and time again not because of the plot being that interesting but because of whats being shown. Like recently, the last saw that came out was in 3d which is a new common advertisement being used to bring in crowds. This technological advancement is being used to stir up crowds to wow “‘ im not going to only be able to see people being killed but im going to see them get killed in 3d'”. The movie theatre provides these “‘cool”‘ 3d glasses and this is what people pay extra to see. This is a prime example of how these redundant plots use technology to its advamtage to bring in crowds.

Week Five : Auteur Theory

December 9, 2010

           According to Sarris, in regards to the auteur theory we must think of an auteur as the author. The author that basically takes us through each and every film in which he’/she directs. The author must tell us, the viewer what is going on in the world today.Most auteurs have a signature to their films, as a viewer we know whose movie we are going to watch and how its going to be from the start.

              Taking on Sarris’s stance upon auteurism, one director i can think of would be Spike lee as the ultimate auteur. Once we start viewing his films such as clockers, he got game or do the right thing, we all know its a “Spike Lee Joint”. Spike lee shoots most of his films in NYC and most of his films are stemmed by racism which is used as a tool to spark debate. For example in Do the Right Thing, we have pino the son of a Sal( Pizzeria owner in a black neighborhood) who is goes on to say racial slurs about black people throughout the whole film. Spike lee uses many different techniques to transfer realism onto the camera. In Do the right thing he uses this squishing type lens to give the viewer a sense of claustrophobia. Its creative how he uses camera movement to create feelings.

                             The aeteur theory is defined by the author or director being the creative force behind a film.  The aeteur tackles world issues within the films to stir up debate and always has a signature to his or her films, we know what we are getting into each and everytime we view his or her’s film. Spike lee tacks politics day in and day out with each film and signatures each film as a Spike Lee joint.  When it comes to Sarris’s auteur theory i certainly believe its describing Spike Lee in a nutshell.

Week Four-What is Real, Anyway

December 6, 2010

                                    Kracauer and Bazin both have very powerful theoretical approaches to the ideology of realism within film. Even though they both are very compelling, they both are very different.Kracauer has this theory that the strategic manner in duplicating reality through a film relys on the film maker and Bazin relys on the audience’s perspective to re create realism.

                              Kracauer had this theory that creating reality within a film is created through the elements used to create it such as lighting, editing and angled shots.  He feels the non creative forces helps create natural realism. Kracauer feels that without these physical componentsn it makes the film look artificial and less convincing. Bazin on the other hand believes in realizing realism on the audiences imagination.  He believes that how we perceive is, is realism itself. From his concept he feels that no two mediums could never be the same because the way one may perceive it may always be different from the way another person perceives it. Bazin feels that various views upon things is what we use to consider what is real and what isnt.

                  i think that film is an art, and an art is conceived mainly by pereception. Art is never really one thing, because people always have these different perceptions of it and this is how it correlates with film. We look at a film and us as the audience, we determine if its reality and what we perceive of it. It reminds me of a film that i seen in another class, it was a silent film with just pictures. This film it self basically sums up how i feel about the debate of realism. It provides photography within film and forces its viewers to create perception from it. This is what most film does but the photography film that i seen with just arts and silence did it in a more forceful manner.

week three- Soveit Montage School

December 6, 2010

                          Einstein and Pudovkin both being contemporaries, it is true that they are both apart of the same stylistic movement. One may insist that they have much in common. In contrast they do have crucial differences as far as editing. To basically sum up there differences i would say it is a battle between complexity and simplicty. Einstein in my belief had a more complex approach to editing and Pudovkin’s was more simplistic.

                             Pudovkin believed in putting together different shots while Einstein believed in lighting, volume and things to that nature. Einstein believed if the editing consisted of uncontrolled combinations of different features, the audience will gain nothing from it.  He felt that it should all be coordinated in a specific sequential manner in order to control the audiences perspective. He didnt want to allow space for the viewers perspective to change on their own, he wanted the film to be in full control.Pudovkin wanted the shots to be individually stressed to replicate reality. Pudovkin’s concept to film making was certainly much more simple than Einstein’s approach.

week two: arnheim’s artful advice

December 6, 2010

                                   It is obvious that Rudolph Arnheim had a strong belief in silent films. He felt as if silent films basically brings out the artist in the creator of the film and audience viewing the film. Arnheim didn’t necessarily agree with sound nor the asset of realism. Arnheim had this ideology that once black and white was taken away from the film, it also took away our artistic perception, so the idea of color or sound was almost inacceptable to him.

                This brings me to the reason in which I feel that Arnheim would have most certainly accepted the film Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin. It was a silent film where Charlie enjoyed expressing what he has to say by gestures. Charlie never once used his lips to express himself only his gestures, this certainly increased space first artistic perception. It allowed the audience to take part in the film and grasp their own perceptions through their imagination. This is the concept that Arnheim tried to get across he approved for artistic expression….

Week one – critiquing theory

December 6, 2010

                            In the David Weddle critism of film theory courses he talks about how in universities the courses giving are majorly theoretical. He goes on to talk about how he doesn’t necessarily feel that him paying 73,000 dollars for his daughters university , he isnt getting his money worth. My problem with his criticism is that when you hear the course film theory , i instantly think of the word theory. A theory is basically ones ideology that has been brought to together based upon someone’s knowledge or thoughts. Everyone theory isnt necessarily true so it can certainly be related to an opinion. This is why i feel that Weddles should have know what his daughter would be getting into taking a film theory course, he should have know that it would be partially theoretical from the professors perspective.

                        I dont necessarily have any concerns taking a film theory course because I have some sought of comprehension of what I am getting into. Most of the material that I will be taught in the class will be theoretical approachs based on theories from my professor and from authors he has read and also wants us to read. Learning my professors approaches to the films I will watch in class will help me learn how to approach a film and gain my own theories. This class hopefully will  give me a clearer image analyzing a film.

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